spirits of l`une

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spirits of l’une


Dearest traveller. Excuse me to interfere, but you seem to be lost. The mist is pretty dense right now. Please make sure to don't step over your own feet!" a soft, echoing voice greets, "Why don't you stay for a moment, take a cup of tea and have a seat? You sure have an interesting story to share - Or would like to hear one of ours?"

"It's an old one for sure. One about lanterns appearing out of nowhere on roads lost in the deepest mist. Quiet they whisper their song, dancing in circles around a strange merchant's caravan. They guide them through this strange realm. But a ghost light is a playful thing, maybe tricking you instead...But why don't you join us and figure it out for yourself?

Hello & Welcome,
Spirits of L’une is a small fantasy art roleplay game community, While Raunen & Marissa are the playable characters there are many other kinds of spirits and species that inhabit this world - humans, elves, fairies, dragons and many other folks generally work together for common goals in this world inspired old childhood fairytales, ghibli films and small hints of steampunk/early industrial era.
Our website is an interactive hub, which accompanies our discord channel. Here you can display your characters, earn companions or new traits for them, trade, or enter events and quests while following our group's main storyline about one of the guilds travelling this world and explore the realm of spirits - or create your own story!




What is an ARpG? 

There are many approaches to this, but basically, an Artwork RolePlay Game is a  roleplay community that offers a world to explore, tasks and events to participate in with your characters. But unlike traditional RPGs it requires artwork, crafts and/or writing to earn achievements, rewards, and progression in your storyline. Each ARPG comes with different settings. Some ask you to bring your own character, while others have set folks and species concepts to offer. Some even offer premade designs to collect and be used in the community - such as collectable species.

"Spirits of L'une" aims for a casual and peaceful atmosphere where everyone can work at their own speed. To make sure everyone can enjoy your time here even with a limited amount of free time and create artwork and stories they're proud of without feeling forced to rush. In or option it's important to be able to take your time, show passion for your characters and creations and share kindness with other members of the community while getting closer to archive your goals step by step!

collectable character species? 

Collectable Character Species, also known as CS, are a type of collectable design, which are quite popular on deviantART and toyhou.se for a few years. The concept is very similar to character classes or folks from MMORPGs or Pen&Paper which are unique to their specific game. Mixed with influences of a trading card game offering an always extending amount of unique characters cards to collect and create stories with. Of cause each of these folks, aka "species", comes with a different look, traits and lore to work with while creating your own stories within this world, or one of our cannon-afflicted ARPGs.

These characters can be obtained during events and raffles on our website, but also during sales, auctions, or offer to adopt held by our official resident artists, or by guest artists. These artists are authorised to create and distribute "Spirits of L'une" characters under an extended license from the creator of "Spirits of L'une". But players can also add their own design to the game while participating.