Giz -Art

the kind designer how created our logo and watermark!


...who created the mini pixel icons for our in-game currencies.

... our guest - & resident artists

Coline, Giz, Shelly and of course each and every of our previous guest artist. Thanks so much for creating beautiful artwork and designs for our side and community


...Kushiel, Danielle and Evekle, who help with writing and texts around the page!
- Thanks a lot for your patience and supportゝ◡╹)ノ♡

CSS & other coding


...who created the "lorekeeper" website framework we're using.


...who created free-to-use text formatting CSS, we use on some pages.


...where the code for our "outgoing links warnings" comes from, as well as many other tutorials.


... who created a javascript for responsive img maps

Loading Circle

...loading circle animation css



lorekeeper extensions
website: *link*

...a big thanks to the lorekeeper community, who has created so many amazing new features for the framework! - We're currently using extensions by Preimpression, TGI, Draginraptor, Junijwi, Mercury and ne-wt.

Lorekeeper - 2.0 Version

...these extensions were coded by the Lorekeeper community, and are a part of core Lorekeeper 2.0

Additional Extensions

...these extensions have been added to this site additionaly to the core extensions.

Pets Expansion by itinerare

Awards Expansion by Uri

Research Trees Expansion by Uri

Comments & User Icon by Newt

Captcha by itinerare

Admin Only Pages by Uri

Organized Trait Dropdown by Draginraptor

Page Categories by JuniJwi

Prompt Limits by JuniJwi

Scavenger Hunts by itinerare

Shop Features by Newt

Pets Expansion by itinerare

World Extension by Uri

Raffle Self Enter by Newt

Character Status Badges by JuniJwi

Sub Masterlists by JuniJwi

Sub Masterlists by itinerare

Code snippets

...small pieces of CSS & HTML added to the site.

Sales (Page & Index) - layout by Lume

Masterlist Entry - trait list by Uri