" Missing Candy "

Halloween Event 2020



The seemingly endless cornfeld around the capital city has turned into a colorfull hustle and bustle of market booths, merry-go-rounds and musicians playing to peoples cheerful dances on every corner. Everyone seems to enjoy this last few warm and sunny days, before the spirits of the sun lays to rest for the winter to come. You also decided to join and enjoy the Harvest Fair's cheerfull atmosphere, when all of the sudden a few young ones approche you. Their voices sound sad: "You're one of the merchants which keeps spirits around, aren't you", one starts pointing on the guilds logo stitched on your cloak. "Can you ask the spirits to find the candy? It's gone missing..." -  "NO! IT WAS STOLEN!!" another kid intrrupts.

You still wonder if anyone would steal the candy. It's an old tradion of the merchants to gift all unsold candy to the children on the last evening of October. Beloved by young and old. "Is it possible that it's not been stolen but hidden?" Suggests someone you can't quite see, then a giggle, a Raunen appears before you, flitting through the air playfully, perhaps they'd been near you and you just didn't notice them until the warm glow filled your vision. "Yep I bet that's what it is" It chimes playfully "Why, if you could find some of it I be the kids would think you're a real hero!"

In chorus the little ones ask again  "Can you help. PLEASE! "  Of course you'll help them figuring out where the candy went. Together you'll start to look around to find a clue...





The mini event will be open from October 31th 8pm to November 1st 8pm!



Every candy you'll find will give out one random autumn themed Mori, or an item to add an autumn trait (antlers) to one of your characters. If you find all six hidden candy you'll also receive Pumpkin Nau Mori and a raffle ticket for a custom Raunen from Lume.

PS: If more then 10 people find all prizes we'll add two Raunen MYO slots to be raffled afterwards!