Anyone can do art of the group mascots, right?

Of cause! We're always happy to see some art of them. Submit your artwork of them to the group or discord, please - so everyone can enjoy :)

Can I draw my SoL characters together with [ ... ]?

​Of cause! There are portals to various places in Nehre, so it's possible to have visitors from other worlds. It's nothing unusual for the people there. This, of course, works the way around as well! But make sure to check if the other species guidelines are fine with that, too - if you use another CS!


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Raunen & MarisSA

Do Raunen & MarisSA speak?

​Raunen are fluent in common language, but their voice is quite soft and easy to miss or mistaken to the winds whispering. It's like a faint play of the flute echoing inside their lantern head. Marissa, on the other hand, aren't fluent in a common language, but they understand the basics and learn quite fast. Understanding them, on the other hand, is more challenging. Their actual language is a quite complex system of chirp sounds. But for communication with other species they often tend to use a telepathic mess of colours and pictures - it can take a while to get used to it...

What is the plural of Raunen? How to pronounce "Raunen" ?

​Raunen is plural. Their name is based on the German noun "Raunen" [ˈʀaʊ̯nən], which can be described as a collective. The singular would be something like "Raun" - maybe? The word "raunen" describes the sound many whispers sounds around you by the way


Can their design be inspirited by [theme name] ?

Taking inspiration from pre-existing things is fine. But to avoid issues with trademark and copyrights we can't allow "cosplay characters".

Which clothing styles are available for Raunen?

The most popular styles are a mix of eastern, comfy and sweet clothing types. Don't worry, using a different style can always be discussed. Note the group or post your idea at the "design approval" channel at our discord, please. So the team and I can have a look at your idea (:

Can I change my characters appearance?

Of course, this is possible. You can collect items to change different parts of the design. These items can be obtained by participating in the group.

Can I add accessories to my character?

Raunen love fancy cloth and small shiny stuff - bells, lanterns, necklaces, earrings, and many other things. But there is a small limitation to wings, blossoms, and horns. These are obtainable during events only.

Can I draw them with their actual spirit form's hands and feet visible?

These parts are cannonly barely ever visible, but it's indeed fine to draw them!



Which kind of technology is present there?

Many things work similarly if you take a closer look, which might reason in the fact that travellers often bring ideas from the other world. Some of these similarities are also leftover from the time this world had official correspondence with the human realm. But they’ve chosen to build their technology on different basics than we did. Which makes it way more difficult to compare to each other these days. You can imagine it a little like in most jRPG games (tales of or ff 14) with a little steampunk, or a Ghibli movie. In bigger towns, you can find things like steam engines (car-like) and there are experiments with small planes based on this technology, but these didn't work too well at the current of development. There is a railway connecting the big cities on Nehre's continent since it’s a bigger piece of land. But on the smaller islands, people usually don’t see a reason to spend money on such “eccentrically toy”. Smaller towns have fewer of these technologies.

How does the day and night cycle, seasons and climate work?

Like I’ve said before Nonei is quite similar to our world and share our basic rules of physics, atmosphere and climate. This goes also for the seasons and the day and night circle – which is like ours it’s about 24hours long. The days are pretty long during summer and rater short in winter. The shortest day has barely 6hours of sunlight, while the longest is 12h (midsummer night).

Wait what about the “polar night” winter?

The long darkness of winter is not exactly a polar night, it’s more like a long solar eclipse. There are three orbits, each holding a bunch of comets, which cross the area between the planet and this systems sun for a few months every year. Their position is quite unlucky for some countries, including Nehre. A few hours of sunlight now and then in small areas isn’t impossible by the way – but pretty rare! Info. The shooting stars during winter are usually fragments of the closest comet called “Thymine”. It’s close enough to be seen with unaided eyes.

How does their magic work? How common is it?

This worlds magic is so much more alive and present than all we’re used to. But still, it’s not very common for people to have a strong enough “resonance”. It’s nothing someone could learn, no matter how hard they try. Not at all, it’s a rare and precious gift. What we call magic is the ability to feel and manipulate the flow of elementary energy with help of runic spell work. It’s not a static thing, set in stone - not at all. A rune may have a base it aims for, but the exact outcome of the spell depends on the casters wish and attention when using it!

Which are the main (dominant) habitants in this world?

There is a huge variety of species that are considered as part of the dominant /ruling habitants. And even more highly intelligent ones if you also look at the ones, which for one or another reason aren’t considered as part of society. - Some are big, some are small, some are human and some are not!

What is a "spirit"?

Spirit is a term used in their realm for creatures which are made from pure, magic’ aka the essence of an element (fire, earth, water, air, light, darkness) and owns a natural gift to manipulate their element even without using runes and spells. These creatures have a solid body, for the most part, Only smaller sections of their body can be a bit unstable at times - like a Raun’s tail tip.



Which kind of architecture is present in Nehre? 

The main architecture is very similar to these of the Mediterranean Sea, like in Spain and parts of Italy for example. Mixed with small details of old Asian architecture - like Japanese wooden shrines.

Which clothing style people wear?

I enjoy using a mix of steampunk, Gothic and ff14. Mainly cause I enjoy these styles a lot. It's a so-called "fantasy world", so the clothes are not too modern, but feel free to be creative with this.

Are there mount and other "normal" animals?

Like I’ve said there is a huge variety of life in Nehre. But thanks to the old days of trading with human real you might find some animals which look quite familiar. Especially very old breeds of pig, cattle, birds and others alike.

Is there a railroad?

Indeed, as mentioned earlier in the FAQ, there is a railway connecting the capital cities of Nehre and its neighbourhood kingdoms, as well as some harbour towns. A rail was just too big to transport through a portal, so it took many years of studying and experiments to recreate this amazing innovation of the other world.