Terms of Service


rules & guidelines of participating in spirits of L'une

This Terms of Service document applies to spirits of L'une (SOL) website, as well as our deviantART group, community and all platforms on which content related to us is hosted. By participating in the SOL group, adopts, or other events, you are automatically agreeing to the terms listed below. We reserve the right to refuse service or community access for those who break the agreements listed below.


Community Etiquette

» Be kind and respectful towards each other! We don't support drama, bagging, or harassment. Problems and disagreements should be taken to the staff. We are here to mediate and help within the community. Public blackmailing should not be the option to choose, please!

» Do not push themes that could make fellow members feel uncomfortable such as politics, religion, gore, or NSFW. We are strictly aiming for a "safe for work" atmosphere. Jokes, references or other mentions of these themes will not be tolerated! This goes for all kinds of communication, artwork, writing and other contribution to the community!

» Please refrain from contacting users to offer on characters that they do not have publicly listed as up for trade. Unwelcome trade offers can be uncomfortable or stressful for others, and we consider repeated offering or begging to be a form of harassment.

» Do not alter, edit or deface someone else's work or characters, without their permission.

» Your DeviantArt account must be at least 3 months old before you can participate in activities or purchase a character, except you're able to prove an older account or been vouchered by a reputable community member.

» Do not upload, repost or otherwise add artwork and other content posted in the community to offsite platforms such as Pinterest without prior permission of the respective owners. This also goes for using content for prints and other merchandise.


Website Etiquette

» You may only upload content to the site that you have ownership of, or permission to use. Proper credit to the original artist/creator needs to be given when uploading content. We do not claim ownership of any user-submitted content, and any artwork uploaded to spirits of L'une remains the property of the respective owners.

» Content, such as masterlist artwork, is not publicly visible until it is reviewed and approved by a member of our team. User profiles or character descriptions are not monitored but must get along with our etiquette. All content submitted to or displayed on the site must not be abusive, harassing, harmful, or push themes that could make fellow members feel uncomfortable such as politics, religion, or any content of sexual nature.

» Any links which direct the user away from the spirits of L'une site may have a different set of site rules and may not be under our control. Please refer to each site’s Terms of Service. We recommend adding links directed to deviantART or toyhou.se only. This content accessible through these links needs to get along with our Terms of Service. Report suspicious links to us immediately, please!

» Do not submit any data, file, software or link that contains or redirects to a virus, Trojan horse, worm or other harmful components.

» Keep your password and personal information secure. You are responsible and liable for all activities conducted through your account. If you become aware of or reasonably suspect any security breach, including any loss, theft or unauthorized disclosure or use of your password, you must immediately report this to us immediately.

» Usernames should be unique and don't contain any sensitive information. We may contact users, modify or void names that we consider to be vulgar, offensive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, attempting to impersonate another individual, or otherwise unlawful or objectionable.


Discord Etiquette

» Be kind and respectful towards each other, please! We do not support drama, bagging, hate or harassment speech of any kind. Problems and disagreements should be taken to the stuff if you need help. We are here to mediate and help within the community. Public blackmailing should not be the option to choose, please!

» Do not push themes that could make fellow members feel uncomfortable such as politics, religion, self-harm, gore, or NSFW. Jokes, references or other mentions of these themes will not be tolerated! This goes for all kinds of communication, artwork, writing and other contribution to the community! - Keep it PG 13, please!

» Suggestions and constructive criticism are always welcome. However, it should be respectful and encouraging, please.

» The chat language is English, to make sure everyone can join the conversation.

» The server owner and admin will ban or mute you for a certain amount of time for breaking rules, depending on the severity of your action.

Artwork & Designs

» Only spirits of L'une related artwork (drawings, writings, crafts) can be submitted. This means there must be at least one officially registered character present in your creation. Spirits of L'une characters can interact with any other species or original character. Make sure to read and respect the guidelines of the characters' original community, if the character belongs to another ARPG or closed species.

» Like mentioned before all content submitted to the community should not push themes that could make fellow members feel uncomfortable. All designs and artwork must be PG13!

» Taking inspiration from existing this is fine under most circumstances. To avoid problems with existing copyrights and trademarks we can not allow "cosplay" characters. This goes for official characters from books, games, comics or other brands of pop culture. But also for OCs and other adoptables.

» Designs need to get along with our general etiquette and shouldn't contain traits or elements which could make other people feel uncomfortable like politics, social-political symbols, religion, or any content of sexual nature.

» Unlike many other similar communities, spirits of L'une characters don't have set themes added to each design. So it's possible to have multiple designs inspired by the same theme. Nevertheless, we do not allow a copy or bootleg of an existing design, either within the community or not. We take this very seriously, and if we come to the decision that your design is uncomfortably similar to another character, you will be contacted by us about a design change.

»  You may not use any artwork from "Spirits of L'une" to create a Non Fungible Token (NFT) !


Masterlist artwork

» Artwork that is used for the masterlist, either as the main image or as references for additional forms must be fully rendered, coloured and show the full character. Make sure to keep in mind that this artwork server the purpose of being a visual reference to recognize the character, when choosing a picture, please.

» You may commission another artist to draw your character's masterlist artwork. Make sure to ask for permission to use the artwork before submitting it, please!


Prompt Artwork

» Prompt artwork must include at least one colored full body of a Spirits of L'une character. Artwork will be considered "full-body" when at least 75-80% of the character is visible.

» Prompt art must include a background. Either a fully painted, or at least mostly indicated background scene which has a certain depth - foreground, (middle), background.

» Prompt artwork can be done with any media, both traditionally or digital.

» Written prompt entries must include a word count in the submission form and have at least 600words.

»  Prompt entries may feature your own or someone else's characters, as well as "visitors" from other groups. But please make sure you have permission from the owner to draw any characters that don't belong to you! To help find volunteers for your prompt entry you can check the masterlist search function for "gift art" options or ask at our discord! We highly encourage everyone to check their characters gift art options on their masterlist entries!

» Some prompts have deadlines. Make sure to submit your entry in time, please!


+ 2C for adding a min. 200words additional story writing to the description of your public entry (for example on deviantART, or instagram)

+ 2C for writing written entries over 800 words

+ 2C for adding someone else character

+1S random admin reward for good deeds


obtaining a character

Spirits of L'une characters can be obtained during sales or other events held on DeviantART, as well as participating in activities and raffles on the website



» Accepted currencies will be announced in the sales description. It's up to the artist if they'd prefer USD, Euro or our in-game currency Coins. USD or Euro payments must be sent via Paypal. Coin payments must be transferred on the website. The payment must be completed within 48h, otherwise, the design will be back up for sale.

» Artwork as payment will be accepted in Offer To Adopt events, this offers must be completed within 3 months. Longer deadlines must be discussed before offering!

» After the payment is completed you’ll receive the full resolution and transparent background version of the design and it will be transferred to your name on the masterlist.



» ... of auctions and payments will result in negative reputation points, which will be noted on a none public blacklist. Collecting multiple negative points could cause us to choose to ban you from auctions and sales.

» Backing off from a winning bid without any note will also result in a  3 month ban from my design sales in addition to negative points!  You can always talk to us and our guest artists if something urgent happened in real life, don’t just hide your comment after being informed you’ve won, please!


» Spirits of L'une characters are owned by their owner once they have been purchased, but rights to the species belong with Lume at all times. Purchasing an adopt does not give you rights to the species for any purpose beyond the usage of the purchased design. All official and guest artists retain the rights to their purchased designs. You own the character for all forms of fair usage, we retain rights to the species it belongs too. 


» All ownership changes must be made through our website, using the "Transfer" feature. Characters listed under your name may be gifted, traded, or sold to other users only if that character is eligible for gifting, trading, and selling. This information can be found on the character's masterlist entry.

» A design that was received as a prize or otherwise free event has a cooldown of 3 months. The design may not be sold, traded or given away in the meantime.

» Make Your Own slots may not be sold until the design is approved since the slots are given out for free. But it can be traded or gifted at any time. After being approved the character can be resold, traded or gifted und the same guidelines as every other spirits of L'une character.

» Please make sure to send all artwork of the character to the new owner after completing the transfer.  You relinquish all rights to use artwork created of that character unless it is your own creation. We do not archive character artwork, except the references, uploaded to the masterlist entry. We cannot reproduce any artwork that is lost or excluded from character transfers.



retiring characters

» Retiring is a process by which a spirits of L'une character is stripped of its eligibility for site and group participation. It's permanent and will be allowed under rare circumstances only. This process requires their design to be changed to be significant apart from the original spirit's character concept - this goes especially for Raunen!

» After successfully retiring a character you can still use your character for whatever you'd like outside the site and group, it will never be usable in the site or group ever again, regardless of who it belongs to.

» This process needs to be discussed beforehand. Note the group on deviantART for more information, please!


other ARPG

» Nonei is filled with portals to other worlds and all sorts of strange places. The residents of this realm are used to visitors and many of them developed a liking of exploring other places as well. „

» Spirits of L'une characters can interact with other species and ARPGs if the group guidelines allow outside species to be drawn with them. Make sure to ask about this before to avoid getting into trouble, please!

» Keep in mind that Spirits of L'une characters should keep their original form even if officially visiting another group, please! None of the currently available species of our group is a shapeshifter.



 neverlings ARPG

» Some groups and their worlds are historically affiliated to ours, which means that there is lore about both worlds relationships and residents of both groups can officially „migrate“ to one another, so they can participate in activities, quests and events!

» Breaking rules while participating in our game with a character from a canon affiliated group will be reported to the appropriate species founder and via verse.


guest Design etiquette
» Each designer establish their own prices and Sales Plans types in advance. And choose which kind of sale they like to hold - for example auction, flat sale, flat sale-raffle or offer to adopt (OTA)
» Designs must be approved on our team discord channel before being revealed to the public.
» We do not support pre-claiming or trading of designs shown via private WIPs. Designs must be posted publically to be claimed. We want everyone to have fair chances for sales.
» A permanent assignment, which allows an artist to create spirits of L'une designs without quota to meet or limitations regarding seasonal traits.
» Resident artists may take customs commissions or offer customs for trades, as well as hold free raffles or giveaways.
» Resident artists may contribute or suggest designs for items, companion pets (Mori), or other in-game content. Which will be rewarded with in-game currency.
» A temporary assignment, which allows an artist to create three Spirits of L'une designs - as well as one additional design to keep for themself. The time frame for this assignment will be discussed individually!
» Guest artists may not take customs or hold free raffles or giveaways for the designs created during the assignment.
» Guest designs can only use seasonal traits listed for the current season or event.
» All profit made during the sales goes to the guest artist.

Copyright & Usage

» All content shown on the website or deviantART group such as art, journals, events, or adopts, which isn't listed in the official credits is the intellectual property of  Spirits of L'une and its staff. Do not re-upload anything used in this group as it is exclusive to us. You may not resell anything you do not own.

» Copyrighted material is not allowed within Spirits of L'une. Only designs that are unique and not based on anything under copyright will be allowed.

» We do not accept designs that are based on cultural themes or beliefs, active religious beliefs, extreme violence/gore, sexual orientation, or sexual themes. If you are unsure if your theme is allowed please ask a member of staff


last updated: December 2021