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» A saying goes that during winter the stars would start to dance on the seemingly eternal nights sky. They twist and turn, around and around in cheerful circles getting wider and wider until one by one they fall off the sky into a soft white blanket of snow... «






Hello and welcome to this winter's shooting star sightings! A belt of meteors passes by every year during the month of winter, with them came thousands of shooting stars. Those how happen to travel during this time should keep their eyes open. After all shooting stars bound a lot of light magic, causing them to emit a nice warm glowing aura and sometimes even colourful sparks. Which makes this usually so difficult to find treasure a bit easier to spot during winter.


General Info

There will be Two Star Pieces hidden for 24hours somewhere on the website each time. Hiding spots include encyclopedia entries, comments and generally all places which provide information - but no user or character profiles. This type of target will be clearly visible as an image.

Additionally, there will be one Shooting Star hidden sometimes. This type of target is a bit more difficult to find and doesn't need to be clearly visible at first sight and can be anywhere on the website!


info. It's ok to give hints via discord DM if someone struggles, but keep it vague in order to avoid spoilers, please!



There will be a Discord post on each date around starting time, including a link to the hunting page and a note if an additional Shooting Star has been hidden.

  • January 5th  - 20:00 CEST |  11:00 PST - *link*
  • January 12th - 20:00 CEST |  11:00 PST - *link*
  • January 19th  - 20:00 CEST |  11:00 PST - *link*
  • January 26th - 20:00 CEST |  11:00 PST - *link*
  • February 2nd - 20:00 CEST |  11:00 PST - *link*
  • February 9th  - 20:00 CEST |  11:00 PST - *link*


Update February 13th

The last two hunts of this event are rescheduled to start on a Friday evening server time and will last until Sunday (48h)!

    • February 19th - 20:00 CEST |  11:00 PST - *link*
    • February 26th - 20:00 CEST |  11:00 PST



Both collectable items are boxes that will grand rewards, which will be added to your inventory automatically, while the box disappears after opening from your inventory!

Additionally, you can claim both shooting star emblems during this event. The Fragmented Stars emblem is a reward from finding a Shooting Star as mentioned above or as a reward for finding all hidden Star Pieces of the current round. The Star Catcher emblem can be exchanged for three Fragmented Stars emblems each (via claim). 



Posted 29 December 2021, 18:07:39 CET by lume


update: all Masterlist entries are uploaded & a short FAQ was added to this post!


Hello everyone, how are you? I'd like to take a moment to talk to you about some dearly missed friends of ours.  As you sure know we had another playable species next to Raunen before moving to the website. Curious little creatures inspired by foxes and butterflies, which were created by a friend of mine and later being entrusted to me. But it had become quiet about Marisune, which doesn't mean they have been forgotten. Not at all! 

For the past year, I've made many sketches and tried to figure out what I personally enjoy drawing and how to make their design feel way more part of the overall concept of spirits and fairies I had in mind. Sure I always had a weak spot for the common DeviantArt fox species esthetic and fennecs in general, but that wasn't what I wished them to be. In the end, they've changed quite a bit since. Let's have a look at them together, shall we?






Marissa's Kitsune and Marisune

» Most spirits and fairies are playful, cheeky creatures, which enjoy fooling around with others and don't mind other folks company. Having a serious discussion on the other hand can be a tricky endeavour, even if it's about something simple as a name. So it became quite common to simply name a newly discovered folk about the one who discovered them. So it happened that this fairy folk was named Marissa’s kitsune, also known as “Marisune” or “Marissa”. «

The species will be referred to as Marissa from now, which has multiple reasons. To me, Marisune sounded like a short form all along so I've thought about where the name could come from and after a while, I've had an idea for a short story about archaeologists from the royal academy how to run into these little creatures during an expedition and ended up doodling them on the footnotes of her report.

But of course, there were other things to take into consideration as well. On one hand, they have changed a lot and on the other hand, many of the existing design does have records about who owns them but doesn't have a visual reference (official artwork) anymore, which gave me headaches. Rebases would be necessary and require a reference to the old version in order to be approved. It felt unfair to give make your own slots to those without artwork on the old masrerlist, while others wouldn't get one. Which lead to the question if it wouldn't be better to make a clear cut and separate the old and new. This is why all Marisune will stay valid as their own separated thing.


Masterlist Entries & Traits?

Everyone who currently owns a Marisune will receive an empty Marissa slot by next week. However, you must submit a design update with the final design before you can use the character in prompts and other activities. It's up to you to create a new design and keep your Marisune as a separate personal character or to turn your existing Marisune into a Marissa. In this case, we'll add a note to both masterlist entries to link the design, which means that they can't be traded separately.

Not all traits are available any more for newly created Marissa, have a look at the encyclopedia to check which ones are available at the moment, please. If a Marisune has a no longer available trait the Marissa slot created from them will get an odd trait instead, so you can still use the trait on your new character - if you want to. 

info: don't hesitate to share wips or ask at our discord's #design-help channel if you need help or look for someone to draw your masterlist entry, please!


How to submit a design approval?

  • Open your MYO's Masterlist entry
  • Select "Submit MYO Design" on the right
  • Click on "Create Request"
  • fill out the  tabs:
Comments ... this section is to be used mainly for important information and notes you'd like to share alongside your design approval. Please be sure to include a link to a full version of your character design and let us know if you did a full rebase of your Marisune character, please.

Traits... here you can check the traits your character comes with and add additional ones if you use a trait item.

info. Let us know which kind of blossom your Marissa has (for example roses)!
Add-Ons ... here you can add items from your inventory to the approval, in order to obtain additional traits for your character.

Image .. add your character artwork to our official masterlist frame, save it as a .png file and upload it here. You can download the masterlist base here.

info. To credit an Artist and Designer you can either add their DA username to "Alias" and leave "URL" blank, or leave "Alias" blank and add a link to their gallery (example: Instagram) to "URL", please!


  • go back to the Status tab and submit
  • (approvals usually happen at least every Monday)


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do I have to convert or Marisune into a Marissa?
A: No, you don't need to convert your Marisune and can create a new design for your Marissa slot instead. The slots are intended to be a one-time gift to give you a choice to continue using your character if you like to.

Q:  I want to trade/sell/git my Marisune. Do I have to transfer my undesigned Marissa slot, too?
A: No, you can trade them separately. However, you'll lose the option to create a design that looks similar to the Marisune.  (Also keep in mind that the unapproved slot can't be sold!)

Q:  I've got a Marisune lately. Can I convert them into a Marissa? Do I get a free slot, too?
A: Every Marisune can be converted, of course. However, the masterlist slots were a one-time gift to everyone how owned a Marisune before the reveal of Marissa (April 19th 2021) - to give them a choice to continue using their character. If your Marisune was obtained afterwards you need a regular Marissa MYO slot, which can be found during exploring.

Q:  Does Marissa feature existing blossoms only?
Nonei's fauna and flora aren't too different from what we're used to. So the blossoms should always remain a sense of familiarity, please.

Posted 19 April 2021, 07:30:00 CEMT by lume
General Updates & Infos


  • Guest and Resident Artists can create raffles now which enable registered users to enter themself once.
  • There is a visual update on how traits are listed on the Masterlist entry of a character that has multiple traits of the same category. Also, trait rarities got different colours now.
  • Ghosts Shop sells Blossom Hairpins from now until the End of May, new Mori will be added on April 16th.
  • Sales got a new page and layout (also this cutie still looks for a new home)
  • The Welcome Gift Box and MYO items got new artwork



Mori Companions


  • Mori Companions are separated from items now and moved to their own tab on your user menu - similar to emblems. You can organize and name them from this menu anytime, as well as attach (or remove) them to a character.
  • You can see a characters Mori companion on the second half of their Masterlist entry by clicking on the paws symbol.
  • Old "item version" Mori were turned into a box item, which should give out a new version of said Mori when opening it in your inventory. Send us a Report or post on discord if you encounter any problems, please!




  • New Quests were added. "Sketches of the Artist" and "Notes of the Bard"  can be used to exchange any artwork and writing, which wasn't created for other activities/prompts, for rewards.
  • Monthly Prompts won't continue and will be replaced by exploring prompts
  • Exploring  Prompts will start today. These prompts will introduce different areas or special locations to use as inspiration to create artwork or writing in exchange for Mori, Coins, and other treasures once a week. Most areas will be around for two to three month at a time and will eventually come back the next year. But there will be permanent ones, too.
  • This round of Exploring Prompts come with an improved chance of dropping an overgrown Raunen MYO
  • Prompts can have set requirements - such as how often it can be entered per week or being "FTO" only. The prompt will give an error if requirements aren't meet.


Work in progress?

  • Visual mini guide on Overgrown Raunen
  • more collectable items




PS: Don't forget to press CRTL + F5 (windows) or Command + Option + R (IOS),
in order to refresh your browser cache, if something doesn't display right, please!



Posted 18 April 2021, 18:00:00 CEMT by lume

Travelling during the eternal night of Nehres winter might sound pretty scary to most people. Those few who dare to take the risk often aren't able to find words, usually leading to the assumption it's too scary to even talk about. But actually, it can offer you one of the most beautiful sights you can imagine. The world peacefully covered in a white blanket of snow glittering in the frail light of the stars shining from a bright sky of blue, violet and black. And twice as much raining from the sky.
Shooting stars bound a lot of light magic, giving them a nicely warm glowing aura sometimes even colourful sparks. Which makes this usually so difficult to find treasure a bit easier to spot during winter. So keep your eyes open during the last few days of December, which are famous for their shooting star showers!




A link to the item hunt will be posted on Discord and added to the schedule when the event starts!

December 22th
- 20:00 CEST |  11:00 PST December 22th - link

December 24th - 7:00 CEST | 22:00 PST December 23th - link

December 26th - 20:00 CEST | 11:00 PST December 26th - link

December 28th - 4:00 CEST | 19:00 PST December 27th  -

December 30th - 20:00 CEST | 11:00 PST December 30th - link



There will be one shooting star item box hidden for a limited time each, which will contain one to three Star Fragments as well as a chance to obtain two new emblems, which can be claimed during the event.


Fragmented Stars, can be claimed after finding your first shooting star during the event.

Star Catcher, can be claimed if you receive a total of three Star Fragments from one Shooting Star item box.



December 24th: it seems like one hour was a bit short last time, so you have two hours to find the target now! 


Posted 20 December 2020, 20:17:24 CET by lume
General Updates & Infos
  • there is a new type of  item box, which allows to choose an item from a list, instead of getting a random one
  • masterlist images get framed by the website automatically in future 
  • each character gets the default frame when you submit a new ML artwork/design update next time, additional frame variations can be bought at the shop, or can be obtained in exchange for other items
  • the design update & MYO guide was updated. A more detailed design change guide page was added, including alternative forms as well information about how frames work were added. (more visuals will be added soon)
  • Ghosts Shop now sells Simple Frame boxes for Blue, Green and Yellow ribbon frame variations, as well as boxes with companions from fall and winter companion boxes (until February)


Encyclopedia Updates

  • the Encyclopedia was updated with a "World" section - world, history and some other info pages moved there
  • an interactive map of Nehre was added, including the first bunch of locations. More will be added as we explore them
  • you can find information about past events and  NPCs here in future, too - under "Characters" and " Events"


Website Settings & Bug Fixes

  • the newest version of lorekeeper (the website framework we use) requires that users input a birth date to confirm that you're at least 16 years old. That means you will be asked to enter your birthday next time you login and try to enter your settings. Birthdays are not publically visible!
  • the submit prompt page showed an Error 500 page for many users. It should be back to normal now!
  • bug fixes for admin tools: item/emblem/pet grants page, prompt edit page, hunt creation page error 500 and missing text was fixed


  • Shooting Star Hunts will happen weekly from January until middle of March. The schedule will be up by the end of December.|


work in progress
  • artwork and visual guides for the design change guide
  • artwork for locations
  • emblems and frames
  • new prompt



Posted 22 December 2021, 09:27:57 CET by lume

Sure the L’une guilds libary is a small one, but still it’s an impressive collection.So how is it possible that there isn’t a singly complete copy of this book here? You’re moumbeling to your self followed by a disheartened sigh. It feel like you’ve spend days checking every stack off books and every shelf. But it seems like there is just this old copy, with seveal pages obiously teared out. Why would some do this to the guilds lore book? Something about this feels strange… suddely your thoughts are interrupted by rather rare sight.

Still you recongnize the aloof Raunen, wearing a black coat with fancy colorfull stitches and no sleeves. It seems like Fallen haven’t noticed you being delved into a book. Just for a split second a smile appear on his face, before cloing the book with a sight. You can’t help but staring. “And what could you may want?”, and there it was Fallens infamouse seemingly anonyed mood. “Oh! You’re the one who asked about  “lost” pages of the guild lore book, aren’t you? Not that I've heard anything about what happend to this silly fairiytale” ,something about the way he said this sounds strange, “ But… the librarian ask me to led you a hand ” with this words he passes you seemilgy old notebook.

I’d like to get it back in one piece, please! … It’s the original script. 



Posted 14 November 2020, 00:00:00 CET by lume

The seemingly endless cornfeld around the capital city has turned into a colorfull hustle and bustle of market booths, merry-go-rounds and musicians playing to peoples cheerful dances on every corner. Everyone seems to enjoy this last few warm and sunny days, before the spirits of the sun lays to rest for the winter to come. You also decided to join and enjoy the Harvest Fair's cheerfull atmosphere, when all of the sudden a few young ones approche you. Their voices sound sad: "You're one of the merchants which keeps spirits around, aren't you", one starts pointing on the guilds logo stitched on your cloak. "Can you ask the spirits to find the candy? It's gone missing..." -  "NO! IT WAS STOLEN!!" another kid intrrupts. In chorus they ask again "Can you help. PLEASE!

You still wonder if anyone would steal the candy. It's an old tradion of the merchants to gift all unsold candy to the children on the last evening of October. Beloved by young and old. "Is it possible that it's not been stolen but hidden?" Suggests someone you can't quite see, then a giggle, a Raunen appears before you, flitting through the air playfully, perhaps they'd been near you and you just didn't notice them until the warm glow filled your vision. "Yep I bet that's what it is" It chimes playfully "Why, if you could find some of it I be the kids would think you're a real hero!" 

What will you do?

Posted 31 October 2020, 20:00:00 CET by lume

Hello &welcome, dearest new and returning members of Spirits of Lune! It's been quite a long time since our group went on a hiatus and we can't express how glad we are to finally being able to invite you to the realm of Nonei once again!

There is still a lot to do, but we're currently accepting applications for Open Beta participants  - from October 1st to February. During this time we'll be offering prompts and opportunities to earn various items and to help determine adjustments to our systems is need be. We'd be happy if you'd like to join us on this new journey and eagerly await your feedback and participation.

Beta test?

We'll enter Open Beta from October to February, so keep in mind that things may change as we get feedback to improve and balance things. Also, new features and pages will be added regularly.

Sure you wonder what's new? What works already? And what comes next? 


» masterlist: all Raunen and MYOs have successfully migrated. Notes about Marisune are in the section down below. The new masterlist offer options to search for specific traits, characters, owners or gift art options. As well as automatic transfers and some customization options.

attention: The masterlist got a bit shuffled up during migration, so the numbers may have changed! - Sorry! (T▽T)

» character mini-profiles: are added as part of the masterlist entry. Here you can add a name and a description to your characters, choose gift art or trade options and link their toyhou.se profile.

» items, banking & shops: the site keeps track of currencies and items automatically - you can check the records about what you've earned and spent on your bank & inventory anytime. The site also allows purchasing items from official shops without waiting for admin/mod approval and a trading system for characters & items!

» comments & sales: thanks to the new comments addon, created by a kind member lorekeeper community, communication on the page have become way easier and it allows us to hold sales & auctions on the site - since DA's new timestamps are very difficult to work with. (Of cause our artists will still post small hints  and previews about upcoming sales on DA or Instagram nevertheless.)

During the opening month of our beta we'll hold weekly sales by the way. Details will be posted every Sunday!

» user icons: a small addon to the comments function. Everyone got a default icon, but you can upload a new one (max. 150x150px .png or .jpg files) from your user settings.

» prompts: for the first few months of beta we'll start with monthly prompts only, to test this feature and balance of rewards. More activities are planned and will be added once we're sure approval and rewards work fine. 

info: you don't have to submit prompt entries using a deviantART link, but keep in mind that if you are using a different source, it must be available public without forcing staff members to register to view the entry. And we would be happy if you still consider sharing your work with the community - for example on Discord or our Toyhou.se world (;

» emblems: this feature was introduced shortly before the hiatus. This is small trophies you can collect as proof that you've participated in certain events or other parts of the ARPG. 


What comes next?

» prompt archive & exploring: a collection of past prompts which can be revisited to earn a small reward and prompts which focus on learning more about different places in Nehre to earn companions and collectables. 

» story events: events which will give an insight into the L'une guilds journey through the kingdom of Nehre. Starting with upcoming changes and new beginnings during our first event in early spring 2021.

» make your own: like before we won't sell MYO slots for money. Instead, you'll be able to get them with our in-game currency Star Fragments, which can be earned as a reward for monthly prompts and shooting start mini-events. We also work on an additional prompt for our first-time owners to earn some extra Star Fragments!

» marisune: our second species is currently getting a new design and will be reintroduced later this winter.  

» world, map & lore: various small guides and insights to the realm of Nonei - how does magic work? Spirits & faeries? Nehrian technology? Naming traditions? As well as maps and illustrations of the world.

» mobile view: while lore keeper comes with a mobile compatible layout there are a few adjustments to make in future to improve still...


...as well as more small surprises!
- See you soon ゝ◡╹)ノ♡

Posted 30 September 2020, 00:00:00 CEMT by lume

Good morning everyone! As you know our website is still in closed beta, but some of you still have found us already. We're overjoyed about your interest in our project. But sadly some of you haven't completed their registration by now or seem to missed our guidelines about user names. So here is a small request for our early birds:

  • Please complete your registration. Have you confirmed your email address and DeviantArt account by now?
    • Click on your Username and try to enter your settings to check if something is missing, please.
  • Usernames shouldn't reflect your real name, or personal information and should be written in one word, please. Many of the trading functions on the site doesn't take spaces in usernames, so you wouldn't be able to participate. Feel free to contact us on DeviantArt, or discord to change your name if it currently doesn't fit these requirements.



Sadly we have to remove all users with accounts which are still unconfirmed or have usernames which don't get along with our guidelines after June 30th 2020. Sorry!  ):



Posted 24 June 2020, 09:16:07 CEMT by lume