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Hello everyone, how are you? I'd like to take a moment to talk to you about some dearly missed friends of ours.  As you sure know we had another playable species next to Raunen before moving to the website. Curious little creatures inspired by foxes and butterflies, which were created by a friend of mine and later being entrusted to me. But it had become quiet about Marisune, which doesn't mean they have been forgotten. Not at all! 

For the past year, I've made many sketches and tried to figure out what I personally enjoy drawing and how to make their design feel way more part of the overall concept of spirits and fairies I had in mind. Sure I always had a weak spot for the common DeviantArt fox species esthetic and fennecs in general, but that wasn't what I wished them to be. In the end, they've changed quite a bit since. Let's have a look at them together, shall we?






Marissa's Kitsune and Marisune

» Most spirits and fairies are playful, cheeky creatures, which enjoy fooling around with others and don't mind other folks company. Having a serious discussion on the other hand can be a tricky endeavour, even if it's about something simple as a name. So it became quite common to simply name a newly discovered folk about the one who discovered them. So it happened that this fairy folk was named Marissa’s kitsune, also known as “Marisune” or “Marissa”. «

The species will be referred to as Marissa from now, which has multiple reasons. To me, Marisune sounded like a short form all along so I've thought about where the name could come from and after a while, I've had an idea for a short story about archaeologists from the royal academy how to run into these little creatures during an expedition and ended up doodling them on the footnotes of her report.

But of course, there were other things to take into consideration as well. On one hand, they have changed a lot and on the other hand, many of the existing design does have records about who owns them but doesn't have a visual reference (official artwork) anymore, which gave me headaches. Rebases would be necessary and require a reference to the old version in order to be approved. It felt unfair to give make your own slots to those without artwork on the old masrerlist, while others wouldn't get one. Which lead to the question if it wouldn't be better to make a clear cut and separate the old and new. This is why all Marisune will stay valid as their own separated thing.


Masterlist Entries & Traits?

Everyone who currently owns a Marisune will receive an empty Marissa slot by next week. However, you must submit a design update with the final design before you can use the character in prompts and other activities. It's up to you to create a new design and keep your Marisune as a separate personal character or to turn your existing Marisune into a Marissa. In this case, we'll add a note to both masterlist entries to link the design, which means that they can't be traded separately.

Not all traits are available any more for newly created Marissa, have a look at the encyclopedia to check which ones are available at the moment, please. If a Marisune has a no longer available trait the Marissa slot created from them will get an odd trait instead, so you can still use the trait on your new character - if you want to. 

info: don't hesitate to share wips or ask at our discord's #design-help channel if you need help or look for someone to draw your masterlist entry, please!


How to submit a design approval?

  • Open your MYO's Masterlist entry
  • Select "Submit MYO Design" on the right
  • Click on "Create Request"
  • fill out the  tabs:
Comments ... this section is to be used mainly for important information and notes you'd like to share alongside your design approval. Please be sure to include a link to a full version of your character design and let us know if you did a full rebase of your Marisune character, please.

Traits... here you can check the traits your character comes with and add additional ones if you use a trait item.

info. Let us know which kind of blossom your Marissa has (for example roses)!
Add-Ons ... here you can add items from your inventory to the approval, in order to obtain additional traits for your character.

Image .. add your character artwork to our official masterlist frame, save it as a .png file and upload it here. You can download the masterlist base here.

info. To credit an Artist and Designer you can either add their DA username to "Alias" and leave "URL" blank, or leave "Alias" blank and add a link to their gallery (example: Instagram) to "URL", please!


  • go back to the Status tab and submit
  • (approvals usually happen at least every Monday)


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do I have to convert or Marisune into a Marissa?
A: No, you don't need to convert your Marisune and can create a new design for your Marissa slot instead. The slots are intended to be a one-time gift to give you a choice to continue using your character if you like to.

Q:  I want to trade/sell/git my Marisune. Do I have to transfer my undesigned Marissa slot, too?
A: No, you can trade them separately. However, you'll lose the option to create a design that looks similar to the Marisune.  (Also keep in mind that the unapproved slot can't be sold!)

Q:  I've got a Marisune lately. Can I convert them into a Marissa? Do I get a free slot, too?
A: Every Marisune can be converted, of course. However, the masterlist slots were a one-time gift to everyone how owned a Marisune before the reveal of Marissa (April 19th 2021) - to give them a choice to continue using their character. If your Marisune was obtained afterwards you need a regular Marissa MYO slot, which can be found during exploring.

Q:  Does Marissa feature existing blossoms only?
Nonei's fauna and flora aren't too different from what we're used to. So the blossoms should always remain a sense of familiarity, please.

Posted 19 April 2021, 07:30:00 CEMT by lume

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