General Updates & Infos
  • there is a new type of  item box, which allows to choose an item from a list, instead of getting a random one
  • masterlist images get framed by the website automatically in future 
  • each character gets the default frame when you submit a new ML artwork/design update next time, additional frame variations can be bought at the shop, or can be obtained in exchange for other items
  • the design update & MYO guide was updated. A more detailed design change guide page was added, including alternative forms as well information about how frames work were added. (more visuals will be added soon)
  • Ghosts Shop now sells Simple Frame boxes for Blue, Green and Yellow ribbon frame variations, as well as boxes with companions from fall and winter companion boxes (until February)


Encyclopedia Updates

  • the Encyclopedia was updated with a "World" section - world, history and some other info pages moved there
  • an interactive map of Nehre was added, including the first bunch of locations. More will be added as we explore them
  • you can find information about past events and  NPCs here in future, too - under "Characters" and " Events"


Website Settings & Bug Fixes

  • the newest version of lorekeeper (the website framework we use) requires that users input a birth date to confirm that you're at least 16 years old. That means you will be asked to enter your birthday next time you login and try to enter your settings. Birthdays are not publically visible!
  • the submit prompt page showed an Error 500 page for many users. It should be back to normal now!
  • bug fixes for admin tools: item/emblem/pet grants page, prompt edit page, hunt creation page error 500 and missing text was fixed


  • Shooting Star Hunts will happen weekly from January until middle of March. The schedule will be up by the end of December.|


work in progress
  • artwork and visual guides for the design change guide
  • artwork for locations
  • emblems and frames
  • new prompt



Posted 22 December 2021, 09:27:57 CET by lume

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