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» A saying goes that during winter the stars would start to dance on the seemingly eternal nights sky. They twist and turn, around and around in cheerful circles getting wider and wider until one by one they fall off the sky into a soft white blanket of snow... «






Hello and welcome to this winter's shooting star sightings! A belt of meteors passes by every year during the month of winter, with them came thousands of shooting stars. Those how happen to travel during this time should keep their eyes open. After all shooting stars bound a lot of light magic, causing them to emit a nice warm glowing aura and sometimes even colourful sparks. Which makes this usually so difficult to find treasure a bit easier to spot during winter.


General Info

There will be Two Star Pieces hidden for 24hours somewhere on the website each time. Hiding spots include encyclopedia entries, comments and generally all places which provide information - but no user or character profiles. This type of target will be clearly visible as an image.

Additionally, there will be one Shooting Star hidden sometimes. This type of target is a bit more difficult to find and doesn't need to be clearly visible at first sight and can be anywhere on the website!


info. It's ok to give hints via discord DM if someone struggles, but keep it vague in order to avoid spoilers, please!



There will be a Discord post on each date around starting time, including a link to the hunting page and a note if an additional Shooting Star has been hidden.

  • January 5th  - 20:00 CEST |  11:00 PST - *link*
  • January 12th - 20:00 CEST |  11:00 PST - *link*
  • January 19th  - 20:00 CEST |  11:00 PST - *link*
  • January 26th - 20:00 CEST |  11:00 PST - *link*
  • February 2nd - 20:00 CEST |  11:00 PST - *link*
  • February 9th  - 20:00 CEST |  11:00 PST - *link*


Update February 13th

The last two hunts of this event are rescheduled to start on a Friday evening server time and will last until Sunday (48h)!

    • February 19th - 20:00 CEST |  11:00 PST - *link*
    • February 26th - 20:00 CEST |  11:00 PST



Both collectable items are boxes that will grand rewards, which will be added to your inventory automatically, while the box disappears after opening from your inventory!

Additionally, you can claim both shooting star emblems during this event. The Fragmented Stars emblem is a reward from finding a Shooting Star as mentioned above or as a reward for finding all hidden Star Pieces of the current round. The Star Catcher emblem can be exchanged for three Fragmented Stars emblems each (via claim). 



Posted 29 December 2021, 18:07:39 CET by lume

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