Good morning everyone! As you know our website is still in closed beta, but some of you still have found us already. We're overjoyed about your interest in our project. But sadly some of you haven't completed their registration by now or seem to missed our guidelines about user names. So here is a small request for our early birds:

  • Please complete your registration. Have you confirmed your email address and DeviantArt account by now?
    • Click on your Username and try to enter your settings to check if something is missing, please.
  • Usernames shouldn't reflect your real name, or personal information and should be written in one word, please. Many of the trading functions on the site doesn't take spaces in usernames, so you wouldn't be able to participate. Feel free to contact us on DeviantArt, or discord to change your name if it currently doesn't fit these requirements.



Sadly we have to remove all users with accounts which are still unconfirmed or have usernames which don't get along with our guidelines after June 30th 2020. Sorry!  ):



Posted 24 June 2020, 09:16:07 CEMT by lume
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