Hello &welcome, dearest new and returning members of Spirits of Lune! It's been quite a long time since our group went on a hiatus and we can't express how glad we are to finally being able to invite you to the realm of Nonei once again!

There is still a lot to do, but we're currently accepting applications for Open Beta participants  - from October 1st to February. During this time we'll be offering prompts and opportunities to earn various items and to help determine adjustments to our systems is need be. We'd be happy if you'd like to join us on this new journey and eagerly await your feedback and participation.

Beta test?

We'll enter Open Beta from October to February, so keep in mind that things may change as we get feedback to improve and balance things. Also, new features and pages will be added regularly.

Sure you wonder what's new? What works already? And what comes next? 


» masterlist: all Raunen and MYOs have successfully migrated. Notes about Marisune are in the section down below. The new masterlist offer options to search for specific traits, characters, owners or gift art options. As well as automatic transfers and some customization options.

attention: The masterlist got a bit shuffled up during migration, so the numbers may have changed! - Sorry! (T▽T)

» character mini-profiles: are added as part of the masterlist entry. Here you can add a name and a description to your characters, choose gift art or trade options and link their toyhou.se profile.

» items, banking & shops: the site keeps track of currencies and items automatically - you can check the records about what you've earned and spent on your bank & inventory anytime. The site also allows purchasing items from official shops without waiting for admin/mod approval and a trading system for characters & items!

» comments & sales: thanks to the new comments addon, created by a kind member lorekeeper community, communication on the page have become way easier and it allows us to hold sales & auctions on the site - since DA's new timestamps are very difficult to work with. (Of cause our artists will still post small hints  and previews about upcoming sales on DA or Instagram nevertheless.)

During the opening month of our beta we'll hold weekly sales by the way. Details will be posted every Sunday!

» user icons: a small addon to the comments function. Everyone got a default icon, but you can upload a new one (max. 150x150px .png or .jpg files) from your user settings.

» prompts: for the first few months of beta we'll start with monthly prompts only, to test this feature and balance of rewards. More activities are planned and will be added once we're sure approval and rewards work fine. 

info: you don't have to submit prompt entries using a deviantART link, but keep in mind that if you are using a different source, it must be available public without forcing staff members to register to view the entry. And we would be happy if you still consider sharing your work with the community - for example on Discord or our Toyhou.se world (;

» emblems: this feature was introduced shortly before the hiatus. This is small trophies you can collect as proof that you've participated in certain events or other parts of the ARPG. 


What comes next?

» prompt archive & exploring: a collection of past prompts which can be revisited to earn a small reward and prompts which focus on learning more about different places in Nehre to earn companions and collectables. 

» story events: events which will give an insight into the L'une guilds journey through the kingdom of Nehre. Starting with upcoming changes and new beginnings during our first event in early spring 2021.

» make your own: like before we won't sell MYO slots for money. Instead, you'll be able to get them with our in-game currency Star Fragments, which can be earned as a reward for monthly prompts and shooting start mini-events. We also work on an additional prompt for our first-time owners to earn some extra Star Fragments!

» marisune: our second species is currently getting a new design and will be reintroduced later this winter.  

» world, map & lore: various small guides and insights to the realm of Nonei - how does magic work? Spirits & faeries? Nehrian technology? Naming traditions? As well as maps and illustrations of the world.

» mobile view: while lore keeper comes with a mobile compatible layout there are a few adjustments to make in future to improve still...


...as well as more small surprises!
- See you soon ゝ◡╹)ノ♡

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