Sure the L’une guilds libary is a small one, but still it’s an impressive collection.So how is it possible that there isn’t a singly complete copy of this book here? You’re moumbeling to your self followed by a disheartened sigh. It feel like you’ve spend days checking every stack off books and every shelf. But it seems like there is just this old copy, with seveal pages obiously teared out. Why would some do this to the guilds lore book? Something about this feels strange… suddely your thoughts are interrupted by rather rare sight.

Still you recongnize the aloof Raunen, wearing a black coat with fancy colorfull stitches and no sleeves. It seems like Fallen haven’t noticed you being delved into a book. Just for a split second a smile appear on his face, before cloing the book with a sight. You can’t help but staring. “And what could you may want?”, and there it was Fallens infamouse seemingly anonyed mood. “Oh! You’re the one who asked about  “lost” pages of the guild lore book, aren’t you? Not that I've heard anything about what happend to this silly fairiytale” ,something about the way he said this sounds strange, “ But… the librarian ask me to led you a hand ” with this words he passes you seemilgy old notebook.

I’d like to get it back in one piece, please! … It’s the original script. 



Posted 14 November 2020, 00:00:00 CET by lume

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