Travelling during the eternal night of Nehres winter might sound pretty scary to most people. Those few who dare to take the risk often aren't able to find words, usually leading to the assumption it's too scary to even talk about. But actually, it can offer you one of the most beautiful sights you can imagine. The world peacefully covered in a white blanket of snow glittering in the frail light of the stars shining from a bright sky of blue, violet and black. And twice as much raining from the sky.
Shooting stars bound a lot of light magic, giving them a nicely warm glowing aura sometimes even colourful sparks. Which makes this usually so difficult to find treasure a bit easier to spot during winter. So keep your eyes open during the last few days of December, which are famous for their shooting star showers!




A link to the item hunt will be posted on Discord and added to the schedule when the event starts!

December 22th
- 20:00 CEST |  11:00 PST December 22th - link

December 24th - 7:00 CEST | 22:00 PST December 23th - link

December 26th - 20:00 CEST | 11:00 PST December 26th - link

December 28th - 4:00 CEST | 19:00 PST December 27th  -

December 30th - 20:00 CEST | 11:00 PST December 30th - link



There will be one shooting star item box hidden for a limited time each, which will contain one to three Star Fragments as well as a chance to obtain two new emblems, which can be claimed during the event.


Fragmented Stars, can be claimed after finding your first shooting star during the event.

Star Catcher, can be claimed if you receive a total of three Star Fragments from one Shooting Star item box.



December 24th: it seems like one hour was a bit short last time, so you have two hours to find the target now! 


Posted 20 December 2020, 20:17:24 CET by lume

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