General Updates & Infos


  • Guest and Resident Artists can create raffles now which enable registered users to enter themself once.
  • There is a visual update on how traits are listed on the Masterlist entry of a character that has multiple traits of the same category. Also, trait rarities got different colours now.
  • Ghosts Shop sells Blossom Hairpins from now until the End of May, new Mori will be added on April 16th.
  • Sales got a new page and layout (also this cutie still looks for a new home)
  • The Welcome Gift Box and MYO items got new artwork



Mori Companions


  • Mori Companions are separated from items now and moved to their own tab on your user menu - similar to emblems. You can organize and name them from this menu anytime, as well as attach (or remove) them to a character.
  • You can see a characters Mori companion on the second half of their Masterlist entry by clicking on the paws symbol.
  • Old "item version" Mori were turned into a box item, which should give out a new version of said Mori when opening it in your inventory. Send us a Report or post on discord if you encounter any problems, please!




  • New Quests were added. "Sketches of the Artist" and "Notes of the Bard"  can be used to exchange any artwork and writing, which wasn't created for other activities/prompts, for rewards.
  • Monthly Prompts won't continue and will be replaced by exploring prompts
  • Exploring  Prompts will start today. These prompts will introduce different areas or special locations to use as inspiration to create artwork or writing in exchange for Mori, Coins, and other treasures once a week. Most areas will be around for two to three month at a time and will eventually come back the next year. But there will be permanent ones, too.
  • This round of Exploring Prompts come with an improved chance of dropping an overgrown Raunen MYO
  • Prompts can have set requirements - such as how often it can be entered per week or being "FTO" only. The prompt will give an error if requirements aren't meet.


Work in progress?

  • Visual mini guide on Overgrown Raunen
  • more collectable items




PS: Don't forget to press CRTL + F5 (windows) or Command + Option + R (IOS),
in order to refresh your browser cache, if something doesn't display right, please!



Posted 18 April 2021, 18:00:00 CEMT by lume

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