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Caughting Stars

Category: exploring
Limit: once a Week
Artwork: view?

... let's take a moment to enjoy the Nehres night sky


Info & notes

Stars are twinkle playfully from the carefully painted sky, shimmering in hues of dark blue, violet with sprinkles of pink and light blue. Let's take a moment to rest from your journey and enjoy the view, while the moon and constellations continue their nightly journey.



The base reward of 5 Coins and 1 Light Fragment, as well as an extra roll for a chance to get additional Light Fragments or an MYO item, will be rewarded automatically.



General Rules

Once a week you can draw or write about a character exploring this area of Nehre in exchange for small treasures and companions for your characters. The entry may feature one of our NPC's or someone else's characters as the main focus. You can always find characters by asking on our discord or checking the masterlist’s advanced search function to find characters with gift art or gift writing status. But make sure to ask the owner of the character beforehand if want to use someone else's character, please!

Written entries should include a word count in the submission form and have at least 600words. Try to implement descriptions of the setting and scenery, to give the reader an idea of what's going on and where the characters are, please!

Artwork should include at least one coloured full body (at least 75% of the main character should be visible) of a Spirits of L'une character and the described landscape in the background. It's up to you if the scenery is fully painted, or at least mostly indicated - as long as the scenery has a certain depth - foreground, (middle), a background which represents the overall theme.



Reward Amount
Light Fragments 1
Nehreian Coin 5
Random Findings 1
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