Ghost's Caravan

"Why don't you try a bunch of these herbs? They should fit the spell perfectly  ... maybe ... "


Ghost’s shop


At first, it's barely noticeable, but it's definitely there this nice scent like a market street filled with spices, herbs and exotic teas is lying. Lost in thoughts you follow it until you stumble upon a wooden caravan. It’s sure quite old, still showing remains of elaborate carvings and painted ornaments. For a second she glares at you questioning, before continuing to leaf through a book laying on the counter. But you barely notice curiously trying to take a look inside. Surprisingly tall walls covered in a thousand little drawers, which seem to be filled with strangely bottles and books. Here and there lanterns hanging between bunches of herbs. What could this shop sell?

Suddenly your thought was interrupted by a quiet harrumph. The shopkeeper sure had noticed question marks all over your face trying to imagine spells to create with the items displayed in front of you.



"hmm ... You're haven't used potions and runes that often, have you? Maybe you should pay Homura a visit to learn how to use these first!  She should be somewhere around the Guides "

You can find items for character upgrades, traits, masterlist updates as well as companions at this shop!
Most items are always available, but there is also a chance of finding seasonal special offers every now and then.

Artistic Runes
Cost: 5 Nehreian Coin
Blossom Hairpin
Cost: 20 Nehreian Coin
Stock: 0
Colorful Branches
Cost: 10 Nehreian Coin
Stock: 20
Colorfull Potion
Cost: 20 Nehreian Coin
Sewing Kit
Cost: 10 Nehreian Coin
Spring Gift Box
Cost: 10 Nehreian Coin
Max 2 per user
Welcome Gift Box
Cost: 0 Nehreian Coin
Max 1 per user