The nameless

" the realm of noneii "

The nameless”, or Nonei as the inhabitants call it, is a world that exists parallel to the realm of humans. It is filled with a variety of life from human-like creatures to mythical creatures, including dragons, fairies and other strange folks. Most of them coexist and collaborate with one another, but there are others who are not as friendly ...

There are many similarities between Nonei and the realm of humans such as physics, atmosphere, and climate. The geography, however, is quite different, and the species themselves have also influenced the way the land is shaped. Not to mention that one key difference between them is the presence of magic. Nonei has an abundance of it, while the realm of humans has lost connection to their element’s energy over the past centuries. Nonetheless, the two worlds once enjoyed a closed connection that allowed travel between them. It was common for Nonei’s inhabitants to mingle with humans as merchants, trading and selling their products. Many of these gave birth to the myths and legends that humans enjoy telling stories about.  Unfortunately, humankind soon grew fearful of magic. They did not want to have such powerful strangers in their midst, and they grew distrustful as bad omens continued to happen in conjunction to their appearance. Deciding it was much easier to blame them, they wished to rid of the fearsome magic altogether. The Noneian responded in kind, avoiding interactions with them almost entirely by closing their portals. It was all too easy for humans to forget, soon chalking them up as fairy tales and the like. Many centuries passed this way, though there are still some travelers that continue to visit the other realm for various reasons. Once they felt that enough time has passed, they began to become lax so long as they were not to be seen by the humans. Through their magic and cleverness, the Nonei inhabitants are able to pick up quite a lot of modern advancements albeit needing some modifications to fit with their own structures. Radios and refrigerators, for example, are one of the many common technologies that now exist in Nonei.

Despite these influences, the Noneian have a strong bond with nature and its spirits for many ages. The inhabitants often offer food to them, and in return the spirits assist them in their daily lives. In actuality, while magic exists abundantly in the world, it is a rare ability for a Nonei to be able to harness it without the help of other beings and natural occurring runes. These ones are highly respected and appreciated. For the rest who cannot use them, they rely on their technology, which a combination of these wondrous seals, elemental magic, and the structures of human ingenuity.

There are nine distinct regions in Nonei with each home to many different kinds of spirits. Many of them require a specific ecosystem and flora to thrive, thus there are those that are more sensitive than others and cannot really travel.


Kingdom of nehre


...one of the nine kingdoms of Nonei and central stage of the ”Spirits of L’une” ARPG. While most of the other kingdoms are collectives of small islands, Nehre is located on the east coast of one landmass in the middle. Still, it's a small country, which is known for a beautiful green landscape, strange fairytales and Mediterranean climate. Nicely warm temperatures are quite common most of the year, but it rains pretty often as well - especially at the coast. Belonging to the "realm of the sleeping sun", causes this region to suffer from a polar night like winter. It's a quiet time, a snowy time full of danger lurking in the darkness of a seemingly never-ending night. Many fairytales and superstitions where found on these bases...

Fishing and agriculture are the most common occupations, but tinkering is the true hidden passion of Nehres people As one of the last remaining places with exact knowledge of portal locations and folks which has official permission to visit the other world, based on old customs and a stubborn determination to keep their old ways. There are many workshops trying to figure out how to make use to the machines these travellers bring from the human realm. It's often difficult to figure out items exact purpose and function since the travellers descriptions are often pretty vague.




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