Overgrown Lanterns (Raunen Subtype)

Subspecies Sheet: soon

There is a saying in Nehre, which goes like “Spring is a treasure chest, you just need to open your eyes!”. One could believe this refers to the awakening of nature only. These beautiful flowers you can only see during these very few weeks of the year and how everything is slowly awakening from a long slumber. But there is so much more to these words, even in their literal meaning. Taking a closer look, the melting snow reveals long lost treasures. Seemingly sleeping calmly, slightly covered in green and remains of snow, but still visible if pay a little attention to your surroundings. Old keys. A single shoe. A lantern. Once it’s light faded away, over time it'll get overgrown by small flowers, herbs, and moss. The magic which gave it a soul is long gone, but this doesn’t mean it can’t come back.
Raunen summoned with such rare findings are often admired.  Instead of fur, they tend to have flowers grown on them – all year long. They're considered a good fortune, but one often forgets that they’re a bit special indeed.  An overgrown soul’s sight to this world can be strange and difficult to follow at times – even for themself. From time to time, they seem to be so far away,  like sleepwalking while old memories stored in the object they're made of awakening. Like a short vision. Not memory anymore, just a blurry picture. At least that’s what people say. They don’t talk much about this “gift”…

Also, most of them are a little more headstrong than other Rauen. 
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