Blossom (standard)

Category: Flora
Species: Marissa




Blossoms of different sizes grow densely on a Marissas back. The number of blossoms can vary, but there should be at least enough to cover their spine area from neck to tail.

Single blossoms on the other hand can grow anywhere on their body.



A Marissa can have up to four slots of "Flora" traits
- at least one should be blossoms covering their spine area from neck to tail (the only exception is "Lucky Clover")







This is a standard trait. Marissa can switch their blossom type during design updates anytime!

info: Marissa come with one blossom type by default. Additional types, as well as fungi and other flora, can be unlocked with items.

Blossom Coat (oddform)

Category: Oddform
Species: Raunen

A hybrid form of the ”Overgrown” trait, which origins from a time when the refinements of summoning a Raun from an old lantern, which had been a vessel for a spirit before, were still unknown.

Many small blossoms grow on these Raun’s fur.

This trait is not available anymore!

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